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מגש קטן - עד שלושה טעמים

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Your flavors, your mix, your tray.

Our half size famous Rugalach tray, made to order with your choice of flavors!

Perfect as an unforgettable gift, a special dessert for your Shabbat dinner or as a unique choice for your next party!

Contains about 50 handmade mini Rugalach!


No food colors, no preservatives, no wired stuff.

contains: wheat, eggs, milk, nuts.


Our Large size tray is 300x400 mm and contains about 100 mini size Rugalach.

Our Half size tray is 300x200 mm and contains about 50 mini size Rugalach.

Care Instructions

For the perfect experience we highly recommend warming the Rugalach for 5 min in a preheated 180 celsius degrees oven.

Deliveries and Pickups

We bake and deliver on Fridays only.

Deliveries are available to all cities between Tel Aviv and Netanya.

Pickup option available at Tel Aviv and Kfar Hess.

  • Delivery and pickups

    We offer Fridays deliveries to all cities between Tel Aviv and Netanya, and Fridays pickup locations at Tel Aviv and Kfar Hess.

  • Need help?

    Looking for a special delivery option? want to place a special order? we're here!